Meal Prepping

Today was quite a day of meal prepping! First I headed out to Meijer with my shopping list in hand and mperks set to save me some money!


Items purchased:

  • Minute rice ready to serve, 1 package multi-grain medley, 1 package brown rice (Usually I buy the bigger packages and divide them, but the individual packages were on sale!)
  • Quaker (low sugar) maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal
  • Green Giant 100% natural Nature’s Blend vegetables
  • 1 box Belvita soft baked brown sugar breakfast biscuits
  • 1 lb organic chicken breasts
  • Al fresco spicy jalapeno chicken sausage
  • Bolthouse Green Goddess juice
  • Special K Chili Lime Cracker Chips
  • Fiber One cinnamon roll bars
  • 1.5 lb klondike red potatoes

Live I have said before, I try to stick with clean eating, but I also love products with convenience. Special K snack items, Fiber One bars, and Belvita breakfast biscuits aren’t all natural, but they work for me in a pinch.

On my to do list:

For the rice with chicken sausage and veggies, I simply put 1 individual serving of multi-grain medley into a container, topped it with 1 sliced sausage, and added 1/2 of the Nature’s Blend veggies


For the fish with rice and veggies, I first seasoned the fish with Fiesta Citrus seasoning, and baked at 350 for 20 minutes, turning once.


Once the fish was cooked, I topped with a mixture of corn, red pepper, green onion, tomato, and onion. (I had some veggies left from making the Chicken burrito bowls, and figured I’d put them to good use!)

I put the fish on top of 1 individual serving of multi-grain medley, and added 1/2 of the Nature’s Blend vegetables.


Making these 5 separate dishes, plus 10 veggie bars, took me about an hour and a half total! I just made sure to always have at least two things going at once. While the croissant dough was baking in the oven, I was also boiling eggs, and dicing vegetables! Multitasking makes meal prep go much quicker!

I also have some things that I did not use in my meal prep for the week, such as the potatoes, chicken sausage, organic chicken. These will be used during next weeks meal prep, along with other items I have in the house, and will save me time from another trip to the grocery store!


Meal prep complete!

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