Quick & Easy Dinners


Have you found yourself busier this last month than normal? I know I have! On top of the holidays, I’m finishing up a semester, transferring colleges, moving, and beginning a new job! All of this does not leave much time for a lot of home cooking, but these recipes are always great in a pinch! Having something that is quick and easy to get on the dinner table is always a bonus on those busy days!


Seven Grains Spinach and Turkey Skillet– Quick, simple, and healthy! This clean eating dinner will be on your table in no time, and only takes one pan!


Spicy Ranch Chicken– Quick, easy, AND no clean-up? What more could you ask for? This spicy chicken recipe will be on your dinner table in no time and have everybody asking for more! Try serving along side some brown rice.


Skinny Baked Fajitas– Easy and fast, with minimal clean up! These fajitas can be served with your favorite tortillas, or on top of romaine lettuce leaves for a lighter meal!


Tuscan Chicken with Green Beans and Red Potatoes– One of the easiest meals you’ll ever make! Your sides and your entree all cook together in one casserole dish, so clean up is a breeze!


Sriracha Glazed Chicken– This chicken is so delicious, and easy! It will be on your table in under a half hour, and goes perfect with almost any side dish!

What is your favorite go-to meal for those busy nights? Please comment below!

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