Costco Chicken Kebab Bowls

A crazy day doesn’t mean dinner has to be hard!

Prepping ahead and planning can leave you still enjoying a meal you prepared without scrambling at 5pm toΒ  figure out what you’re going to make. Let me take you through the exact process for this meal:

I made red beans and rice Monday, so I doubled the rice and packed up for later. I also could have made rice during meal prep if I wasn’t planning on having it earlier in the week.

Last night, I cut up a few salad cucumber, a few tomatoes, and half a red onion.

Tonight, I heated up these Costco chicken kebabs in the oven for about ten minutes. Meanwhile, I reheated the rice and drizzled the veggies with a garlic vinaigrette. Once the chicken was ready, I scooped some rice in a bowl, added the veggies, chicken, and Aldi tzatziki.

That’s it! In ten minutes dinner was on the table!

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