Broccoli Cheese Bites


Looking for a easy snack to have on hand? These are loaded with broccoli, so it is a great way to get your veggies, and they are delicious! I found my inspiration for this recipe here and changed it up a bit!

Chicken & Veggie Rice Skillet


Wow! I guess it has been a while since I’ve posted! Summer can get crazy, especially when trying to balance, school, work, a social life, a blog, and working out! Some of these things have suffered lately, but I’m working to get myself back on a good schedule and manage my time better!

Black Bean and Chicken Stuffed Peppers


I have a board on my Pinterest that is ideas for the next meals I want to make. Yesterday I was struggling with what to cook, so I handed my phone to Dan and asked him to pick a meal. His chose stuffed peppers, and I adapted this recipe into my own!