What’s for breakfast?


To all of my followers, I want to announce I’ve decided to be a Beachbody coach!

I haven’t always had the best luck with sticking to a workout regimen, but beachbody has changed the game for me! The combination of the workouts, shakeology, and the accountability that is at my fingertips with the challenge groups is the key to success that I’ve been looking for!

Shakeology is the start to my day, every day. For breakfast, I combine it with fruit and water, and have no problem making it to my mid morning snack before I’m hungry again! I could sit here and rave about shakeo all night, but I’ll stop here. By all means, if you’re interested in learning more about about shakeology, or joining a challenge group, please comment below! I’m super excited about this, and would love to help you find your passion in taking care of your body!

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