Meal Prepping


Meal prepping is something I try to do once a week, but sometimes our lives get busy and we just don’t have the time. I had the day off today, so I committed to taking the time and making sure I have lots of healthy food to enjoy this week.

When I went shopping today, I tried to stick to healthy food! But I will admit, on top of all of this, I also bought some frozen dinners. Sometimes I run out of prepped meals and don’t have time to cook anything, and I would rather eat a frozen dinner than pick up fast food.

With that being said, 95% of what I purchased today was healthy and good for me!


I’m trying some new products this week. Cascadian Farm is USDA Organic, and I’ve heard great things about these products! I picked up some granola bars and a box of cereal. I tend to eat cereal every day for breakfast, and I’m excited to give this a try!

I didn’t need to do a lot of cooking, because I still have Clean Eating Freezer Burritos and don’t need much food for just myself.

The two recipes that I made today were:


Skinny Baked Fajitas


Turkey & Veggie Skillet

I managed to divide the turkey skillet into 3 meals, which I will eat for lunch at every day this week. The fajitas are more versatile, as I can eat them in a tortilla, or use a lettuce leaf to make them even healthier! I can also put them in a salad, or eat them with tortilla chips.


With just an hour of cooking and prepping, I have 7 meals, and lots of new healthy snacks to try!

Do you have any organic products that you enjoy? Please comment below!

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