Meal Prep Sunday

For the first time in a long time, I followed someone else’s recipes today.

I tend to create my own meals, or follow old recipes, but I’ve been struggling with creativity. I’ve needed meals that I can prep (quickly and cheaply) on the weekends and that require minimal work during the week. That’s why when my mom bought me the Cook Once Eat All Week cookbook from Fed and Fit, I was super excited! It helped me take the guess work out of a few meals for the week, including enough for leftovers for lunch, while still having a few open days for either takeout or recipes of my own!

Pictured is a BBQ chicken and rice casserole. I adapted the original recipe a bit by buying Green Giant broccoli that was already riced, using brown rice instead of white, and mixing some Pita Jungle Sriracha in with sugar free BBQ sauce. Can’t wait to try this, and if you are looking for recipes that can be prepped ahead for the week without costing a fortune, you should definitely look up this cookbook!

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